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PT Bina Mitra Indosejahtera's commitment to quality, innovation, and global-thinking environmental support bring the best in competency and outcome to maintain not only clients satisfaction but also strong cooperation with domestic and multinational contractors in Indonesia. Furthermore, through excellence in Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility, the company delivers the most trustworthy services.

Maintenance dredging in Belawan, North Sumatra

​By definition of Asosiasi Internasional Perusahaan (AIP), dredging project is classified into the process of material extraction from the bottom of the sea, river, lake, to be relocated to a designated dumping site.


Dredgers and miscellaneous dredging equipment are essential to accomplish dredging project.

Factory construction in Serang, Banten

Construction comprises steel structure work that consists of fabrication, installation and erection of steel columns and other steel-based construction materials, and other civil works.

Reclamation in Dumai, Riau

Reclamation project aims to turn a low-potential area for use into a fully-optimised piece of dry land, as is often the case at the seashore, marsh, offshore man-made land, river, and lake.

The new area is made available for the use of development of industrial, commercial and residential zones, agricultural field or other places of interest. In view of urban development, reclamation is essential to land expansion. Nations and cities of today facing a dramatic population increase at a limited living space find a solution in reclamation.

Port Construction
Piling Work

Port construction work covers an array of complex port structure installation, including piling, bracketing, base form and side form as constituted in form work, precast work, casting, steel reinforcement, and miscellaneous port accessories.  

Soil Improvement

The engineering work to improve either pre-existing soil condition or supplied material consists of the chemical use to achieve agromelasi, physical and/or mechanical mixture of soil and granular material, soil reinforcement, and crucial step of prefabricated vertical draining and preloading to enhance the end-result.   

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