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Project Timeline

Our project achievements have received acclaims across the nation, viewed also as a commitment to the national economic development. Activities encompassing all construction works, combining skilled manpower, technology and technical aspect are applied in the projects as follow:  
05/2018    Kaltim 2x100MW CFSPP Marine Works Project 

Kaltim 2x100 MW Coal Fires Steam Power Plant (CFSPP) Marine Works Project, Subcontract on Dredging Project. See article

04/2018    Cilacap Expansion 1x660MW CFSPP Marine Works Project 

Cilacap Expansion 1x660MW Coal Fires Steam Power Plant (CFSPP) Marine Works Project, Subcontract on Dredging Project. See article

01/2018    Indramayu coal-powered power station port facility dredging


Dengan estimasi kebutuhan pasokan batu bara sejumlah 4.2 juta ton per tahun, diperlukan perawatan pengerukan kolam dan alur Pelabuhan Khusus PLTU Indramayu. See article. 

12/2017    Marunda C.04 section port construction


New Marunda Port (C.O4) akan melayani aktivitas bongkar barang dan curah dalam negeri. Fungsi pelabuhan juga mendukung aktivitas industri-industri yang berada di area KBN Marunda dan Cakung. See article

09/2017    Kendari New Port Container Yard construction package 2

Pembangunan Container Yard (CY) dan Reklamasi Terminal Peti Kemas Kendari New Port (Paket 2). See article

06/2017    Pengendalian Banjir dan Rob Pekalongan Paket 1

pemerintah melalui Kementerian PUPR mengadakan proyek Pengendalian Banjir dan Rob Pekalongan Paket I. See article

07/2017    East Kalimantan CFSPP jetty construction

 East Kalimantan 2X125MW Coal Fired Steam Power Plant (CFSPP) jetty construction. See article

06/2017    Pantai Timur Ancol Development Reclamation

PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, Tbk mengadakan pekerjaan Pengadaan Pasir Putih di Lokasi Pengembangan Pantai Timur Ancol dengan material pasir yang di hadirkan dari kepulauan Bangka. . See article

12/2016    Development of Belawan Port - Phase 1

Package 1 civil work of Belawan Port development, North Sumatra, contained dredging and reclamation activities. See article

10/2016    D.I. Gondang Irrigation Network Rehabilitation


The multi-year project unearth over a million cubic meters of buildup sedimentation in the seven reservoirs, as well as restoring over 120 kilometers of extensive irrigation across the regency, all scheduled to complete by 2018.  See article

09/2016    Bintan Alumina Refinery Port and Channel Navigation


Sea transport is crucial to the alumina refinery in Galang Batang, east of Bintan island, with annual capacity of 2.1 tons. Hence, it is imperative to build an equally sizable port to handle shipment of raw material, while simultaneously engineer the channel navigation set at 7 km from the coast, 150 m wide, and at -13 m LWS. The project demands both land and marine equipments that are fit and able to support the mobilized team and their engineering expertise.  See article

06/2016    Belawan Port Basin and Access Channel Maintenance Dredging 

PT. Bina Mitra Indosejahtera has been regularly providing marine service in Belawan Port due to its high sand and clay sedimentation buildup in basin area. Now, at the increased target depth of -7 m LWS along over 1000 m long and 100 m wide dredging area, the team in Clamshell Dredger GJ 701 and the pair of Split Barge Hoppers GJ 501 and GJ 502 work at higher precision to overcome the challenge. See article

10/2015    Pekerjaan Pengerukan Alur Nelayan


Engineering fishing channel within the proximity of Belawan port involves extensive work in 300.000 cubic meter of capital dredging , reaching 50 m in length, and 2600 m of spot length in a period 3 months. A clamshel dredger and supporting split barge hoppers removed the majority clay-based on-site material at -3.5 m LWS depth. The dumping area located at radius 12 nautical mile. See article

10/2015    Base manufacture project at PT Sokonindo Automobile


In a 30,000 square meter construction site, steel structures consisting of cutting-edge car factory and 3-storey office building takes place in Modern Cikande Industrial Estate, Serang, Banten. The USD8 million worth of project takes 6 months to complete and consumes over 2000 tons of applied material for steel construction, frames, plates, interior design, and extensive utility installation including water and electricity. See article

05/2015     Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate Onshore
Normalization, Gresik, East Java

The 406 hectares port in JIIPE requires extensive marine works. Given the massive scope of work, dredging and reclamation works in the area was divided into two stages: the 2,500,000 m3 in total volume of coastal line dredging work, and the subsequent 2,000,000 m3 of materials in channel and normalization works. The former took 3 months to finish, whereas the latter met tighter schedule of two months. See article

02/2015    Site Clearance and Land Filling at Oleochemical Plant


PT. Bina Mitra Indosejahtera through its subsidiary PT. Global Jaya Maritimindo took the 24,000 m3 of land clearing, before preparing for the massive 200,000 m3 land filling. The entire reclamation work of 8 hectares was achieved in 3 months due to efficient method applied in the Trailing Suction Dredgers fleet GJ 801, Sukabumi Maju, and the heavy equipments on soil work,   all the while maintaining the highest standard in the environmental and safety aspects. See article

12/2014    Belawan Port Basin Maintenance Dredging

The annual maintenance dredging work at one of the busiest ports in Indonesia requires a total of 350,000 m3 clay-based material, with target depth at -6.5 m LWS. At 100 m wide and 850 m long, the team in Clamshel Dredger GJ 701 and the twin Split Hopper Barge Hoppers GJ 501 and GJ 502 concluded the dredging project in 3 months as initially planned. See article

09/2014     PLTU 2 Jateng Adipala Dredging Project, Cilacap, Central Java


With a total of 3,000,000 cubic meter in sand volume , the massive work in Central Java comprising capital dredging, port basin, turning basin and channel. It targeted  -11 m LWS in depth, and an efficiently designed offshore and onshore dumping area. The combined equipment of cutter suction dredger and TSHD to remove on-site material which were mostly made up of  sand and mud took 9 months to complete. See article

04/2014    Marunda Center Terminal 1B Dredging Project, Marunda, Jakarta


Capital dredging in one of the most strategic ports in Jakarta required 3 months meticulous work of port basin, 75 meter wide and 500 m in spot length, consuming over 300,000 cubic meter of sand to the extent of -8.5 meter CD in depth. Reported on-site material were mostly silt clay. Offshore dumping area spanned across 1.8 kilometer. Our Cutter Suction Dredger is of great significance in the success of this project. See article.

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