D.I. Gondang Irrigation Network Rehabilitation

As one of Indonesia’s top rice producing regions in East Java, agriculture sector has been of economic importance in Lamongan. HK-BMIS J.O. conduct civil works comprising the rehabilitation of seven reservoirs, irigation channel, gates, and pump station to increase the capacity of Gondang main reservoir, optimizing the irrigation system, hence the rice productivity. The multi-year project unearth over a million cubic meters of buildup sedimentation in the seven reservoirs, as well as restoring over 120 kilometers of extensive irrigation across the regency, all scheduled to complete by 2018.

Ongoing rehabilitation work of Rancang as part of the seven normalized reservoirs in Lamongan

The 15 km primary irrigation channel under rehabilitation to restore its function

Joint operation of PT Hutama Karya and PT Bina Mitra Indosejahtera under the formation HK-BMIS J.O


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