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Base manufacture project at PT Sokonindo Automobile

In a 30,000 square meter construction site, steel structures consisting of cutting-edge car factory and 3-storey office building takes place in Modern Cikande Industrial Estate, Serang, Banten. Automaker Sokon’s investment through PT. Sokonindo Automobile make them a pioneer among Chinese firms in setting up factory before marketing vehicles in Indonesia.

The USD8 million worth of project takes 6 months to complete and consumes over 2000 tons of applied material for steel construction, frames, plates, interior design, and extensive utility installation including water and electricity. The factory will produce 50,000 cars per year in its peak capacity, and serve as the company’s production base for the lucrative regional market.

Work scheme adheres to the highest standard in map drawing, welding, screw and joint application, cutting, storing, erection and paint protection.

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