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Belawan Port Basin Maintenance Dredging

The annual maintenance dredging work at one of the busiest ports in Indonesia requires a total of 350,000 m3 clay-based material, with target depth at -6.5 m LWS. At 100 m wide and 850 m long, the team in Clamshel Dredger GJ 701 and the twin Split Hopper Barge Hoppers GJ 501 and GJ 502 concluded the dredging project in 3 months as initially planned. It significantly contributed to the economic activities in the area, benefitting shipyards, cargoes, and the unloading terminals for two primary commodities in the port: cement and CPO. The dumping area was located at radius 12 nautical mile in adherence to the regulation on environment and safety.

#Dredging #GJ701 #GJ501 #GJ502 #GJ201 #SplitBargeHopper #ClamshelDredger

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